William Sandy

Artist Biography:
William Sandy is a Pitjanjatjarra tribesman who was bornat Ernabella Community (in the north of South Australia) in c. 1944. William was well accepted in the Papunya Community in the early 1970's, and after observing many of the elders of the community painting their dreamings, he decided to paint dreamings from his homelands as well. He has since emerged as one of the foremost Western Desert Aboriginal artists, culminating in his work being included in the 'Dreamings' tour of the USA in 1988-89. He also held a solo exhibition at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi in Melbourne in 1990. His work is represented in the Holmes a Court collection, Broken Hill Art Gallery, and Wollongong City Art Gallery. William is married to Violet Nakamarra, they have four children, a boy and three girls.