Kwasi Asare

Life Dates:
b. March 3 1963
Artist Biography:
Kwasi Asare is a Master weaver of kente cloth, one of the great cultural traditions of Ghana. He was born in 1963 in a village called Apirede in Akwapim, about 11 miles from Ghana’s capital, Accra. With the help of his father’s assistant, Opanyin Kwame Dappah, he became thoroughly acquainted with the traditional loom and by age twelve, he was weaving some of the most intricate designs bringing in innovative and unique color schemes. In between formal schooling, he made time for his loom and even started creating some of his own designs. By age 25, he had revived his father’s dwindling weaving center in Ghana and today employs ten full time weavers with a few apprentices undergoing training.