Woosah, Erica Lang

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Artist Biography:
Erica Lang is the Founder and Artist behind Woosah Outfitters and Printshop in downtown Grand Rapids. "Woosah is a slang word that brings a sense of inner peace, calmness and stillness when said out loud. Take a deep breath in, and exhale; that's Woosah." For Lang there are two things that bring her Woosah: spending days in the studio carving and printing woodblocks, and being emerged in the stillness and beauty of nature. "I believe that each person has a hobby, an interest or a passion that brings a sense of inner peace and stillness. A natural, subconsious feeling of enlightenment. Maybe its snowboarding, road trips, surfing, drawing, hiking, or dancing in the comfort of your home without pants on. Whatever it may be, I encourage each person to find their Woosah and to spread it as much and as often as possible. Help me spread the Woosah, with or without pants on". - Erica Lang