Hannah Mico

individual, ENTITY.2023
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2016
Artist Biography:
"As a student who is studying both Photography and Natural Resource Management, I often struggle finding ways to effectively combine both fields in my college career. And many people quizzically ask 'Why?' when they learn about my varying interests. My trip to South Africa during April/May of 2015 proved to be the experience I had been waiting to be a part of since I began my educational endeavors at GVSU in 2013. It proved to be the perfect marriage of NRM and Photography, and resulted in my increased interest in pursuing both as a part of my professional career. Upon my graduation in April 2016, I will be seeking opportunities to combine my love of photographs with my intense interest in environmental issues and ecological restoration. Pairing this goal with a love of traveling and a mission to promote animal welfare, I plan on living quite the exciting life. In the meantime, though, please enjoy my work as a student with just a few short semesters left in West Michigan."