Nathan Abramowski

Artist Biography:
Nathan Abramowski graduated from Grand Valley State University with a communications degree, including a double major in photography and film production. After a period in New York City, and successively completing a MFA in 2009 from the Savannah College of Art & Design, Michigan again evokes deep photographic interest. While studying under A.W. Thompson and David Plowden at Grand Valley, documentary photography became a catalyst for investigating the world. In 2005, the documentary project 66,000 Tons Later explored the nature of coal transportation on the Great Lakes. Presently, documentary photography once more becomes the focus within his work exploring ideas of water usage and the landscape. In addition to photography, Nathan is entering his fourth year as an Assistant Visiting Faculty Member at Grand Valley. With the publication of 66,000 Tons Later, gallery showings, and selected work in private collections, Nathan continues live and work in Grand Rapids, MI.