Cineus Louime

individual, ENTITY.2120
Artist Biography:
A love of nature, especially birds and trees, is readily apparent in the work of chines Louime. The 37-year-old artist says that fascinated appreciation has been with him since childhood. His birds and trees of life are executed with great care, conveying a certain liveliness and sense of movement. He was born in Thomazeau in May of 1975, but arrived in Croix-des-bouquets at the age of five to begin school. It was there, in the Village that he was first introduced to metal sculpture. After completing his formal education, he apprenticed with Hubert Bernard as a laborer. In time, he began making his own drawings and with earnings from his work with Bernard, was eventually able to open his own shop. He says, "I did not have enough money to build a huge shop, but measure by measure, I make improvements. I have some workers with me and we work hard everyday." Cineus is quick to give credit to his family. "My father taught me how to be a man because he did not have enough money to give me. As for my mother, she is the most wonderful mom that someone can have. She kept telling me that to succeed in life one must work hard and do what you have to do." His wife helps out at home and "looks after me and the children." A man of quiet bearing and a slow, casual smile, his easy manner belies his great pide in his work and dedication to his family. He says, "With the help of God and my friends, I bring support to the members of my family. My passion is to see my art grow day by day. My dream is to succeed in all activities I undertake in my life as an artist and as a person."

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