Richard E. Paschke

Artist Biography:
Dr. Richard E. Paschke holds a Doctorate degree in neurobiology and psychology, though also takes a great interest in music and art. He has played, published, recorded and composed music since the age of 18, and over the years he has made time to carve, model and build 3-dimensional objects. He more recently began combining art and science by sculpting anatomical models to use in teaching. Artist's Statement on "World Kin": "This piece, World Kin, is conceived of as an interactive, kinetic sculpture centered around a symbol-cube each surface of which represents one of the Earth's populated continents. Six continents are represented: Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Only Antarctica is not represented on a surface of the cube. Each plaque will consist of a low-relief sculpture based on signs and symbols derived from archaeological and anthropological studies of the indigenous people of that continent. The symbol-cube will be movable, so that viewers of the piece can select and position the surface they wish to view. The sculpture is designed as a pedestal piece to be housed indoors on the Grand Valley State University downtown campus. It is intended to serve as a reminder to students, faculty, staff and visitors, of the rich cultural history of the world in which Grand Valley State University has a global presence. Signs and symbols to be included on the symbol-cube will be determined in consultation with experts on the history and cultures of each continent." -Richard E. Paschke