Joshua Stauber

individual, ENTITY.3127
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GVSU Alum, 2015
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"Ghost of Christmas Past. Christmas is a feeling. Ever since I was little, I always loved Christmas. Even to this day, anyone that knows me knows how much I love it. As I've grown up, my personal idea of Christmas has changed; from getting presents to spending time with my family and having time off from my busy schedule to relax and enjoy the festivities. What has not changed, however, is that feeling. To this day, as the Christmas season approaches, I begin to sense that magic that was alive within me as a kid. For me, waking up on Christmas morning still feels the same as it did when I was young. It seems like everyone I interact with now approaches Christmas in a different manner. Though they may be excited, they lack that feeling, that belief in magic that they once had when they, too, were younger. I don't know why this happens; why this loss of believing comes about. I'm sure it has something to do with "growing up," but I've never understood it. All I know is that there is still magic all around and it comes to its climax on Christmas. This project consists of illustrations based on the poem in way that conveyed the images in my head and the magic that I feel to help rekindle the feeling of magic in the viewer who may have lost it." -Joshua Stauber

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