Aurora Grajeda

individual, ENTITY.3123
Life Dates:
b. 1993
Mexican American
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2015
Artist Biography:
Aurora Grajeda received her BFA in Printmaking from Grand Valley State University. “My work focuses on cultural images as a first generation Mexican American young woman and the connections and disconnections between the lifestyle of my immigrant parents and the one I have built for myself. My cultural roots and traditions inspire me. My work contains images and icons of my every day life. These images have become symbols of my culture as a Mexican American young woman. Loteria is also a traditional game that has become important in the Mexican culture and families as well. As it was first created, the set of cards contain images of people, objects, animals, etc. My images and icons are combinations of identities. The size and materials of each print make them become three-dimensional objects that viewers can sort through and interact with. I continue to build my image culture along with learning more of my identity. In a way, these cards are my own recordings of my image culture. I enjoy seeing the reactions from people who recognize my intentions but I love to explain my work to those that have not been exposed to my process, the culture, or the understanding of the image. I continue to find connections with objects and my traditional culture and find ways to blend them together.”