Frank J. Davidhazy

individual, ENTITY.3319
Life Dates:
1901 – 1996
Hungarian American
Artist Biography:
Hungarian-born Frank J. Davidhazy began his career as an apprentice at W.J. Sloane Co. in New York City where he hand-decorated furniture. In 1922, Davidhazy came to Grand Rapids at the height of a booming furniture industry. By the beginning of the 20th century, Grand Rapids was home to over fifty furniture factories. Furniture industry dominated Grand Rapids’ economy until the onset of the Great Depression. When Davidhazy arrived in Grand Rapids, furniture companies in “Furniture City” (Grand Rapids) were trying to transition from a reputation of producing cheap, mail-order furniture to producing high quality, crafted pieces. Working as chief artist and stylist at Robert W. Irwin Furniture Co., Davidhazy created decorative painting designs, which were then copied by the other company painters. Hand-painted decoration quickly became a signature of Irwin furniture. After working for several employers, Frank J. Davidhazy and his son opened the Davidhazy Furniture studio in 1956. Davidhazy’s designs often feature pastoral scenes similar to those in 18th century French painting. He and his son continued producing custom-decorated furniture pieces until he retired in 1988. Davidhazy was also a member of the Grand Rapids Furniture Designers Association.

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