Roderick Miller

individual, ENTITY.3088
Life Dates:
b. 1990
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2014
Artist Biography:
"The vast, never-ending beauty of nature has long intrigued and inspired me. This fascination is no more clearly embodied than in the uniqueness of a tree, its particular shape and size, the history contained within and visible through its bark, and the concentric pattern of rings that illustrate the narrative of its life. The natural world is rich with beauty and authenticity, each organic element bearing a thumbprint and entity all it's own. In contrast, my recent work consists of manufactured, inorganic elements that conform to rigorous standards of symmetry and likeness. The act of taking something so uniquely individual and altering it so that multiples can be made, reproduced, and duplicated from the initial unique item fascinates me. 'Art' often refers to unique, individual creations that possess an entity all their own. However, by implementing printmaking processes and creating multiples, I am able to make many pieces, all sharing like elements of beauty and creativity. Through wedding natural subject matter with artificial materials, I hope to highlight the contrasting realms of untouched nature and humankind's manufactured culture. Printmaking, particularly screen printing, is a medium based largely around layers. Creating distinct areas of pattern, color, and shape allows for the illusion of space and hierarchy of formal elements. By screen printing flat areas of color on multiple sheets of Plexiglas, I create a physical separation between layers of information and facilitate a dialogue between layers. Visual space and depth is no longer only suggested, but actually constructed, offering insight into the process behind the piece itself." -Roderick Miller