Jordi Boldo

Life Dates:
b. 1949
Artist Biography:
Jordi Boldo is a painter born in Barcelona,​Spain in 1949 and naturalized Mexican in 1952. His painting comes from the Catalan informality and explores the tradition of American Abstract Expressionism of mid-century, as well as some Mexican artists of the generation now called the "Break". His work is essentially pictorial, regardless of fashion or trends, and halfway between abstraction and figuration. Articulates with a wealth of language means deeply emotional, powerful in the mystery and delicate nuances. It is characterized by a refined and disconcerting sense of color and composition, with heavy textures and a refined craft that is often not appreciated at first sight. With almost forty years of solo exhibitions, he has exhibited in museums and galleries in America and Europe. Recognized with several awards and has acted as a judge in various competitions. He is a member of the National System of Art Creators. Devotes his time to writing, cultural promotion and teaching of painting. "As the engine lyrical abstractionist mode by which Boldo has traveled for thirty years with the personal status of not reading too much into their scales or targets set by other artists in this century, his language is that of matter restless as latency or as an overall amorphousness primitive art that seeks to articulate relative to override their absolute powers. Boldo manages a bastion of language options from the perspective focusable actual plastic, ie, criticism and confrontation with all other trends, including its antithetical, which allows you to choose, paraphrase, stripping, synthesize, and even reverse or pervert the intent of its elements."

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