Hubert Massey

individual, ENTITY.2274
Life Dates:
b. 1958
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 1983
Artist Biography:
While engaged in additional study at the University of London - Slade Institute of Fine Arts, Massey began to realize the importance of fine art made for architecture - how art could be intertwined with architectural projects at their inception, instead of as an afterthought as projects near completion. After twelve years as a pictorial painter for Gannett Outdoor Sign Company while continuously refining his painting skills, Massey began studying art restoration and conservation, slowly learning the diverse fine are techniques used by old master painters. These skills were used in his monumental mural, The Death of Laoco├Ân and his two sons Antiphas and Thymbraeus for Detroit's Athenaeum Hotel. In 1995, Massey learned the almost lost art of fresco painting under the tutelage of Stephen Dimitroff and Lucien Bloch, apprentices to Diego Rivera. Creating a fresco work on wet plaster challenges an artists ability to the fullest. Michigan artist Hubert Massey works in a variety of mediums in order to create his large public art installations, and is noted for his collaboration with communities. He graduated from Grand Valley State University in 1983 and continued his education at the University of London, Slade Institute of Fine Arts, where he studied with Stephen Dimitroff and Lucienne Bloch, and several apprentices to muralist Diego Rivera.