Mili Thibodeau

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"Standing before the mirror every morning, we receive bits of our bodies' knowledge. Your skin is flaking. Your hair is getting thin. Will this scar ever fade? Where did that mole come from? Didn't dad have one there, too? Will I get his nose hairs as well? The body has a memory independent of the brain, suspended in its cell walls. These cell walls continuously divide and multiple and always in ways that highlight our imperfections. Hair treated with the appropriate shampoos and conditioners is a source of beauty and pride. Yet, once shed from the body, hair becomes a "grotesque" mass of dead cells. When does this change occur? Hair, like the rest of the body, is in a constant cycle of growing and fading. A hair quietly falling to the ground is so frequent and trivial of an occurrence that only those concerned with the loss of hair note the absence. Our perceived imperfections weigh heavily on our subconscious. This series explores the real and imagined layers of information our brain observes that both manipulate our perception and influence our interactions." -Mili Thibodeau

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