Teodor M. Dumitrescu

individual, ENTITY.3421
Romanian American
Artist Biography:
Teodor M. Dumitrescu is a Romanian-born artist and illustrator who currently lives and works in Riverside, California where he is the principal illustrator and designer for Sikana Publishing. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois in 2002, where he created a thesis focused on fantastical images of old and new world nostalgia. This body of work incorporated accurate scientific and natural history illustrations based on extensive research. His artistic motivators have begun to move towards themes of preservation, including both the preservation of memory and of the natural world. Artist Statement on "The Three Graces": "The Three Graces depicts Joy, Charm and Beauty playing in a drought ridden river bed. Floating in the middle ground is a zeppelin powered ship. The ropes that bind the ship to the ground are breaking, unable to restrain the vessel from flight. The pelican is like the ship's passengers, representing the ability to move freely on water, earth and in the air. The shoes represent being bound to the ground and are cast off after being heavily worn, to make way for the transcendent flight. The Three Graces continue to endow us with the ability to create, even in the wake of adversity". -Teodor M. Dumitrescu

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