Brian Westrick

individual, ENTITY.3054
Life Dates:
b. 1989
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2012
Artist Biography:
"Pottery has the unique ability to exist not only as apiece of tableware, but also as a commodity that educes habit and inspiration. Tableware, specifically those that encourage the sharing of food, has the potential to create an atmosphere in which storytelling, reminiscing, sharing, and bonding often thrives. Often, the memorable happenings become engrained within those objects, and a metaphysical relationship between object and memory can perpetually exist. It is my concern that little attention has been paid to the locations in which we find ourselves, and the inspiration that remains unseen. In defining location, I seek to notice plant materials that mark a specific point in time. Patterns, folds, textures, colors, and gestures of those plants have become engrained within my utilitarian ware through the forms and ornament I have created. The pots act not as mockery of those materials, but of markers of past experiences. Through the use of my work, I ask that the users make a note as tot he people with whom they share their company, and more importantly, to notice the specific physical characteristics of the location in which they find themselves." -Brain Westrick

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