Madeline Kaczmarczyk

individual, ENTITY.2176
Artist Biography:
I was the little girl who always made potholders on a plastic loom on the backyard picnic table. I am the daughter of Irene who baked the fabulous cakes with four tiers of frosted roses, fiber optic lights and fountains. I am the granddaughter of Francis who crocheted tablecloths for the bosses at Ford Motors so her husband could keep his job during the Depression. The women in our family make beauty with their hands. At the core was the need to express what could not be put in words and for the joy of creation. The more fine detail and embellishment, the greater the accomplishment. My working mission statement was therefore written on my heart, but it was not until I was a “middle years” adult that I could hear it clearly. Clay is my primary medium. Currently I slab build low-fire white or terra cotta clay into functional or sculptural objects. The surface is airbrushed with matt glazes, often fired up to five times for an interesting glaze surface. Some pieces are embellished after firing with mixed media, including thousands of seed beads. I hope my connection to my work also connects with the viewer.