Christine D. Hornby

Life Dates:
b. 1962
Artist Biography:
Christine B. Hornby developed a deep regard for the arts by watching her mother and grandmother who painted landscapes and other subjects in oils, specializing in German and Scandinavian folk painting. She is experienced in painting with oils, watercolors and acrylics, and in college began weaving. After college she learned to spin and hook, and thus her love of textiles began. Hornby is the owner/proprietor of Green Dragonfly Studio, which has become an umbrella business for others with her same passion for the arts and a desire to preserve the past. "Done in traditional rug hooking, applique and proddy, this wall hanging is [my] largest piece to date. It started as a class project to learn as many different techniques used in hooking and other fiber crafts as possible. Textile pieces are often still considered "Craft" and not treated as art. Doing a piece like this, which includes the techniques that make it impossible to be used as a floor rug, I hope to show that textiles can belong in the category of "Fine Art". Naming a piece is always one of the most difficult things for me. With the help of friends- who are like sisters to me- we came up with the name for this piece. Sunflowers have the ability to extract toxic chemicals found in the soil, such as lead, arsenic and uranium. These sisters/friends are my source of renewal- they help remove the toxins in life that run me down. Without people to cheer us up, and support us, where would we be?" - Christine B. Hornby

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