Rosemary Ellis

individual, ENTITY.3845
Life Dates:
b. 1959
Artist Biography:
Rosemary Ellis is a west Michigan artist who received her training from the Kendall School of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, and earned her degree in studio art from the University of Michigan. During her career she has lived and worked in the Virgin Islands, the American southwest, the Great Lakes, and Japan- all of which have given her important inspiration for her paintings. Ms. Ellis exhibits widely in the west Michigan region, and her work is included in numerous public and private collections. Her most recent body of work has been a series of oil paintings devoted to architectural fragments- columns, capitals, stone ornamental carvings- that have inspired her on her frequent trips to major cities at home and abroad. Several of these have been singled out for awards and critical praise in west Michigan exhibitions. Rosemary is skilled in painting both in small and large formats. In fact, sometimes she combines her love of classical architecture with computer tools to produce computer-generated designes that transform environments with large wall-size murals of classical buildings. Her billboard-size permanent installations of New York City's "Carnegie Hall" and Chicago's "Lyric Opera" for the Music Department at Grand Valley State University are good examples of this.