Dale Rogers

Artist Biography:
"I am an award winning metal sculptor from Massachusetts. My love for art began as a child when I was always creating things using wood, sticks, blocks, and stones. I began sculpting as a young adult, after I taught myself to weld in order to repair metal equipment on my family's farm. In 2003, I took my work on the road to juried fine art shows and gallery exhibitions. As my client list and my reputation grew, I expanded to public art commissions and large scale exhibits. I believe that adding art to public landscapes can inspire people of all ages. It will forever enhance the surroundings and serve as a reflection of the quality of the community. I want my art to invoke a thought, generate conversation and create a strong connection for all who view it. I had the privilege of being a part of ArtPrize in 2010 and enjoyed every minute of it. While I was there, the concept for my new exhibit idea, Metal Monkey Mania was born. I have been working on it since my return." -Dale Rogers http://www.dalerogersstudio.com/

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