Kimberly Gill

Artist Biography:
Following the loss of my older son in 1999, my lifelong interest in art became much more intense. I found that drawing helped me cope with the unspeakable grief of his loss. At the same time, I met and began studying with the accomplished local artist, Loretta Sailors, who helped me launch a personal journey of artistic discovery. To enhance my growth as an artist, I've participated in many workshops and classes. I'm pleased to have been mentored by the internationally-know artist, Alex Powers. His guidance has strongly influenced my style and work. Portrait painting is my passion. While my portraits capture a likeness of each subject, my objective is to dig deeper and, in doing so, make visible their soul and the essence of their humanity. My award-winning work has appeared in juried shows, including, among others, the ISEA Exhibition, the West Michigan Region Competition, the Grand Rapids Regional Arts Exhibition, and the Celebration of the Arts.

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