Stephanie Nienhouse

Life Dates:
b. 1983
Artist Biography:
"The pleasure of looking, and understanding the language that nature provides shapes my work. Focusing on the landscape, I investigate color, light, and space. These are the ways that the land speaks to us visually. We live our lives through the experience of space and time. We are all connected in this way. Paintings lend themselves to holding a moment of space and time. These paintings are instances where an experience is investigated, exploring what nature has to say to us in a visual, sensual, experiential way. The quite moments where nature can speak are experienced and held. Color, light, and space are the focus, and a visual language is created for that moment. My hope is that the visual experience and time spent with these works speaks to the viewer in a way that creates a rich, lasting impression that in the end provokes them to search for and engage with moments that speak to their minds and souls in their everyday lives. My paintings begin with references to landscapes that I am familiar with, then I manipulate them, abstracting an playing with movement and color. I overlap and blend pastoral landscapes with wild, overgrown woodscapes, creating a new environment exploring color, movement, and space. My work is deeply influenced by David Hockney in the ways that he uses color and explores ideas of space." -Stephanie Nienhouse