MaryBeth Koeze

Life Dates:
1941 – 2010
Artist Biography:
MaryBeth Koeze earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her primary medium has always been pastels, and she is currently a member of the Great Lakes Pastel Society. She has worked with both pastel and oil paint to create her nature-inspired pieces, often featuring large, brilliantly-colored flowers. She was a life-long resident of Michigan and funded a Grand Valley State University scholarship in honor of her mother, and also donated many pieces to the GVSU Art Gallery's Permanent Collection. On her work, she stated, "I am seduced by the shadows created by the sun coming in at an angle, early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This light abstracts shapes within shapes and color within color. The forms, patterns, textures, tensions and color all excite my eye. Using pastels or oil paint I push and pull working for the balance that registers the emotional pull of the subject matter."