Jamie Yeager

individual, ENTITY.3001
Life Dates:
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2010
Artist Biography:
"When the dark unfolds its wings, do you sense the strangest things? Things no one would ever guess, things mere words cannot express? Abandoned houses, left behind and starting to fall apart from decay are filled with many treasures that cannot be seen from the outside. These treasures can be fascinating, the personal artifacts that have been left by the people who once inhabited the house. How did they choose what would stay and what would move on with them? From viewing these things a sense of connection with the people that left many years before is felt. Many people try so hard to gather material possessions, but why? Not all of it can be taken beyond the house and they try so hard to keep man-made things nice and ordered but that order turns to chaos as nature takes back all that was once natural. In a hundred years where will our houses be, our treasures? Will they hide the beauty underneath, holding our own personal artifacts gathered over the years left to be found by explorers guessing our life stories, fascinated by the ruin?"

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