Lindsay Guynn

individual, ENTITY.2997
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GVSU Alum, 2010
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"Relationships are central in everyone's life. They are there to support, encourage, and give people the feeling of security; but this idealist view cannot accurately portray how relationships truly affect someone's life. Much like natural disaster, shocking events can happen at anytime in a relationship. My work focuses on exploring these unpleasant events through the metaphor of storms and "natural disasters." More specifically our emotional response during those events and how they still have an effect on me today, in combination with my petrifying fear of natural disasters and severe weather. Through this blend of weather imagery and inanimate objects, I create a narrative of the situation into a form other can interpret for themselves. With my work I explore traditional printmaking techniques. I use copper plates and ferric acid to create images that allow me to feel a certain event again through using hard ground etching and aquatinting; and by feeling this event again allows me to visually convey my emotions in that moment. Along with creating drawings using charcoal and gesso, I can create images that depict and conjure the same emotions felt during these disasters. It seems like drawing these images is a way of wondering about and even controlling these events that are otherwise random and wild. Using these traditional media is important to my work. The role relationships ideally have in people's lives is the role traditional media plays in my images. Along with my personal fondness for tradition, it brings another level to my images through gesturing how people have this traditional mindset for relationships, or this idealist view as I previously described it. But the reality is that this mindset is not at all accurate to how relationships between people actually are, only the weather within the relationship can tell us if we are safe or if there is a storm coming." -Lindsay Guynn

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