Gabor Peterdi

Life Dates:
1915 – 2001
Artist Biography:
Painter, printmaker and teacher, Gabor Peterdi was born in Pestujhely, Hungary in 1915. He studied at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts, the Academy Belle in Rome and the Academie Julian in Paris. From 1933 to 1939, he was associated with Stanley William Hayter’s Atelier 17. He emigrated to New York City in 1939 and taught printmaking at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Peterdi also spent some time in Hawaii, where he taught at the Honolulu Academy of Art. From 1948 to 1952 he taught at the Brooklyn Art School and from 1952 to 1959, at Hunter College. Peterdi made his first color print, “Sign of the Lobster” in 1947. An exceptional printmaker, Peterdi is a master of a medium whose properties he exploits to achieve certain expressions and emotions. The majority of his work is abstract, though he uses themes such as man, nature and their interrelationships.

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