Michele Keren Stitt

individual, ENTITY.2991
Life Dates:
b. 1978
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2010
Artist Biography:
The feat of making these little picture books and filling them stemmed from a project that I worked on last semseter where I was to create an illustration per day. The goal was to get back to drawing and painting as a thing of joy. After about the first week or so of that project I noticed that I was getting overly precious about each piece and it was hindering my production. In an attempt to remedy this, I began making and drawing in small books that I'd filled with inkblots. I'd draw on top of the inkblots and use them sort of as clues for what the pages wanted. As a result of working in this manner, I was freed up from trying to think through my every move before making it on the page and was able to work in a way that was looser and visually more creative. The challenge then was to try and figure out a way to parlay that rejuvenated creativity into solid work for this show. I have found inspiration in the work of figurative artist Stina Persson for her immaculate use of oozy watercolor, as well as the work of Kat Mcleod. Both artists produce work that is mash up of incredible drawing skills and a loose, breathtaking style. Mcleod has a perfectly quirky sensibility that employs mixed media, which I adore. If drawing is my first love with regard to art, mixed media is my second. What does it for me with mixed media work is the disruption, or visual hiccup that happens when paper or fabric is used in place of paint in a primarily painted work, or when embroidery floss is used to outline an object rather than a pencil line. These substitutions make my eyes VERY happy! When I first fell in love with drawing and painting, I did so because it was fun. It was something that I was good at when not everyone was, so there was a sort of magic in it for me... like my own personal superpower or something. I'm excited about sharing these picture books and hope that maybe just maybe, there is something between their covers that inspires the viewer to get their cape out too!