Luigi Marzo

Life Dates:
Artist Biography:
I was born on October 25 1953 in Presicce, a little town in South Italy (the former Magna Greece). I spent my childhood between the Ionian and the Adriatic Seas having strong connection with water and the charm of Mediterranean myths. I live and work in Perugia (Italy) where I alternate my graphic work with painting. My art, expressed in different fields, has been presented in many personal exhbitions and collective events, arousing public and critical interest. Since 1980 up to today I have exhibited my works in many Italian cities as Perugia, Lecce, Milan, Orvieto, Florence, Rome, Trento but also in an international set in South France. In all my works there is the aspiration to create a symphonic richness of shapes, sign and colour, with the aim to decompose the real and find what still was not found, to reveal the unspoken (not yet explained) and make it visible with an almost unconscious procedure which is understood as a vast repository of memory and cognitive possibilities.