Kim Roberts

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Artist Biography:
Kim is an Associate Professor of Film and Video Production in the School of Communications at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan where she teaches courses in video production, new media, and film and video art. ( She received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Video from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kim Roberts' primary artistic work takes form of the installation and experimental video.Through intricate relationships between video and objects, her installments raise questions and invoke complex feelings regarding social institutions and cultural privilege. Her most recent video installations reach opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, invoking both laughter and tears. Created for the inaugural 2009 ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Giggling Babies explored the pleasure and joy of laughter and its contagious qualities. In 2007, Roberts created focus on the Family, a five-station interactive documentary installation depicting interviews of families and victims of hate crime due to sexual orientation. In the same year, she also produced a video documentation of a conference called Restorative Justice: How Michigan's Prison System Destroys Hope. Her latest challenges involved producing Grand Valley's most recent Summer Film Projects, The Darkroom (2009) and Horizontal Accidents in 2010. Roberts joined the faculty of the School of Communications at Grand Valley State University in 2005 where, as an Associate Professor for the Film and Video Production major, she teaches courses in beginning and intermediate video production, are media, and film and video experimental art.