Athena Marie Placencia

individual, Athena Placencia
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Artist Biography:
Photography is a major part of my life. I picked up a camera for one reason and one reason only, because I am unable to express my creativity through drawing or painting. Coming from a family of artistic creativity, photography was my way to express myself and to share creatively with my family. I enjoy working with alternative processes. I feel it is a dying art form. More and more of my peers are working in the fast paced digital age. I prefer the slower pace of hand coating your paper.I feel the older processes create depth and have the ability to tell a story on a slightly different level than what the current digital picture can provide. The older process keeps us grounded and gives us the ability to look at modern life through history's eyes. My senior thesis is about bringing together the old with the new; having the best of both worlds, between digital photography and the older processes. I have chosen to modernize images of ancient Greek Mythology, as if the gods, goddess, or the qualities that they are most known for then showing how they would be perceived in our modern world. I am shooting the images with a digital camera and creating digital negatives on transparency film. I am then taking the negatives and using them to print cyanotypes, giving the photo a painterly look to. Staying with the theme the old and new, I modernized the subject, but reverted back to older photographic processes.

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