Maggie Annerino

Artist Biography:
Maggie Annerino is a media educator who teaches media studies at Grand Valley State University and conducts media workshops for parents, teachers and students. In 2005 she received a masters degree in media education from Appalachian State University. During her masters program her focus of study was popular culture and gender representations in media. She is an award winning film/video producer, working on films for over 25 years. Airing DIRTY LAUNDRY is an exploration of women's interests in the interplay of community, communication, and gender representation. Artist Statement Do you remember when a mother, aunt, or older sister told you not to air your dirty laundry? Matters of family and undergarments were private affairs. What was considered unmentionable has become an every day fashion occurrence. Airing DIRTY LAUNDRY is a tribute to the clothesline which became a vehicle for neighbor women of earlier generations to communicate. A new generation wears underwear as outerwear and uses social networking sites to air their DIRTY LAUNDRY. In the 21st century, privacy issues of family, clothing, and communication have changed into an airing of unmentionables. What has become private is now public. By soliciting clothing donations from women in the local community, this project will continue to bring women together using clothesline communication. To view female undergarments in a public space on clotheslines pay tribute to the past, present, and the future generations of women and explores how cultural norms and communication have changed.