Dany Barreto

individual, Dany Barreto
Life Dates:
b. 1966
Artist Biography:
“My work explores concepts such as identity, ritual, and culture. It is about expressive universes, about symbolic productions of so-called ‘primitive’ peoples confronted by societies that despise or undervalue expressions that are not counted as art, such as altars, structures built by devotees to their most popular saints in public and private places, individually and in groups. Built by individuals who are not considered artists, they do not apply criteria of any other artistic system in regard to production. The altars are only intended as a means to communicate with a divine entity. These devotionals do not need an institution to legitimize them, these religious groups do not want, nor do they have limits. The point of my work is to start an anthropological investigation that I intend to turn over to other anthropologists seeking to respond. Instead of trying to explain or illuminate, I explore the confusion, the imagination, and the fear that these groups provoke among most Latin American communities, who daily, since ancient times and into the present coexist with them.” -Dany Barreto