Amy G. Stubblefield

individual, ENTITY.2960
Life Dates:
b. 1987
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2009
Artist Biography:
Amy Stubblefield graduated from Grand Valley State University with her Bachelors of Photography in December of 2009. Artist Statements These images are a pastoral and evocative view of the season of autumn and several themes associated with this time of year. I use the layering of multiple themes; including signs of our ancient Pagan roots related Halloween, the ways we deal with fear and the relationship between life and death. These themes deconstruct the Harvest, Halloween and the history and beliefs associated with these rural subjects. Depicting the bounty of the harvest, lonesome, somber signs of seasons change and the enigmatic mystery and allure of the unknown, my images represent both the natural beauty of autumnal icons and the uniquely chilling and foreboding mood surrounding Halloween and the rhythm of the seasons. This project evolved from my fascination with the archaic and perennial character of nature and the autumnal Halloween celebration. From the rustic, yawning shadows thrown by a crackling fire to colorful ripened kernels of Indian corn to wispy clouds crawling across a glowing Harvest moon, the rich visuals we are surrounded by during this season have always completely captured my attention and are now the focus of my Thesis. Juxtaposed with the aesthetics of harvest, the ancient Pagan history of Halloween and the Harvest are represented by allegorical yet cryptic qualities with an allusion to the inherent secrets of nature and the "spirit world" and consequently, the hint of our own lurking fear.

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