Kate Jonkman

individual, ENTITY.2959
Life Dates:
b. 1985
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2009
Artist Biography:
Kate Jonkman graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography. She has exhibited work in two shows, Arcadian/METROPOLIN and Collective Expressions. Both shows took place at Grand Valley. Artist Statement: My work addresses the price families must pay when they are forced to leave their homes due to foreclosure or abandonment, with particular concern for the psychological and sociological implications. I am worried about the vast emptiness that has begun to permeate into our society. To convey this, I focus entirely on the empty spaces and the traces of human life that are present within them. My images are intended to move my viewers, make them uncomfortable, and facilitate the emotions of sadness by bringing an acute awareness to the which is missing. I am attempting to make those who are gone visible once again.

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