Ruth VanderHart

individual, ENTITY.2957
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2009
Artist Biography:
In my experience, I have found the world to be an extremely bizarre place. I am the forth of six children and, though I had always been raised in a large group, was a fairly solitary child. I spent the majority of my time alone: reading, coloring, or just thinking of things for the sake of thinking about them. I was not good at interacting with children my own age and instead fell into the habit of watching them. I observed their behaviors and relationships, trying to figure out what they were doing and why. I was constantly struck by how weird they were. Their actions and motives routinely defied all logic and common sense. If confronted or questioned about it they would insist that the action was normal and put no deeper thought into it. Even now it surprises me how oblivious most people are to the strangeness of life. I still spend the majority of my time alone: reading, drawing, or just thinking. My goal as an artist is simple. I will use my illustrations, my thought processes and point of view to display the oddity of our lives and culture.

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