Egon Schiele

Life Dates:
1890 – 1918
Artist Biography:
Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter and protégé of Gustav Klimt. Schiele was a major figurative painter of the early 20th century, and his work is noted for its intensity and for the many self-portraits the artist produced. The twisted body shapes and the expressive line that characterize his paintings and drawings mark the artist as an early exponent of Expressionism, although he is still strongly associated with the art nouveau movement "Jugendstil". In the autumn of 1918, the Spanish flu epidemic that claimed more than 20,000,000 lives in Europe reached Vienna. Edith, his wife who was six months pregnant, succumbed to the disease on October 28. Schiele died only three days after his wife at 28 years old. During the three days between their deaths, Schiele drew a few sketches of Edith, which were his last works.