Alfredo Ramos Martinez

Life Dates:
1871 – 1946
Artist Biography:
Schooled in Mexico and sent on to Paris in 1891 to continue his studies, Ramos Martínez returned to Mexico in 1910 a master of post-Impressionist portraiture but estranged from his native Mexican roots. Returning to Mexico on the eve of revolution and at a moment of impassioned national feeling, he redirected the focus of his work to the foundational cultural values of Mexico's past, rediscovering indigenous subjects and creating a new, thoroughly modern, national mythology through his painting. As director of the Academy of Fine Arts, Ramos Martínez would preside over Mexico's celebrated artistic revolution of the 1920s. "The lyricism of his color, from the mottled background to the ruddy glow of the women's faces, imbues the painting with a mellow warmth and gentle humanism."