John Kilbourne

Artist Biography:
John is Assistant Professor of Movement Science at Grand Valley. His work revolves around a trip to the Arctic he took in 2001. He has devoted nearly all of his adult life to helping individuals and communities understand the deeper meanings of play, games, sport, and dance. His Bachelors degree is in Creative Drama & Movement from California State University Long Beach. His Masters Degree is from the University of California at Los Angeles in Dance Education with an emphasis in Dance & Sport. While at UCLA he served as Graduate Assistant (Basketball Conditioning) to then Headcoach Larry Brown. His Ph.D. is from The Ohio State University where he continued his work in exploring the relationships between sport and performance. His dissertation is titled, Building A Bridge Between Athletics and Academics. The Red Bird Project is a collection of children's watercolor paintings that were created during my tenure as an Early Childhood Educator in the inner-city of Southern California (1975-1982). The text explains our shared experiences. Other pieces from this project are placed throughout this building. The title, The Red Bird Project comes from the piece currently displayed in room 120 of Lake Ontario Hall. John Kilbourne, Project Coordinator.