Maryann Schmitt

individual, Maryann Schmitt
Life Dates:
b. 1979
Artist Biography:
"People, we see them every day, but how often do we go any deeper than that we are seeing? It is the naturalness of man that captivates me. The moments that exist where we shed our self consciousness. It can be held in a person's gaze, their pose, a look, the lines on their face, how they dress and lastly in how they disguise themselves. It is through our flaws that we become human. In my paintings and drawings I search for the cracks and flaws in our characters. Those moments when we forget to smile, to pose, and disguise. At one point I worked mostly from self portraiture as a way of exploring how we present ourselves. My current work is more psychological and sociological, dealing with fears, doubts, and states of the unconscious mind. It is the humanity of man I seek to explore rather than the idealization of him."