Ladislav R. Hanka

Life Dates:
b. 1952
Artist Biography:
"My artwork is based in a sense of awe before nature; the desire to know and record it intimately and to do the creation honor. It was this that originally brought me to art and it is through a constant renewal of this relation in solitude and careful observation that I continue to be effective. As an artist on is naturally selective and there is an abstraction and stylization inherent in any activity recording the complexities to be persuasive. The bundle of sticks that means tree or the stick figure denoting man are mere signs with relatively arbitrary and limited meaning. A more universally evocative symbolic power must come from a deeper understanding of the particular which has evidently been observed and internalized. Within the context of an evening at stream side - among insects, rising moon, and feeding fish - abstract questions take on new qualities and difficult arguments often resolve themselves by becoming self-evident or redundant. The context wherein humanity is not the measure of all things, but rather a part of the creation, obviates the ultimate goodness of simply being. It is at once humbling and liberating. I need not save the world make broad exhaustive statements. I am allowed simply to reflect upon the natural world and finding significant form, to bear witness. This I try as best I can do in ways which not only communicate, but do so with grace."

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