Lisa Burrows

individual, ENTITY.3849
Life Dates:
b. 1971
Artist Biography:
I choose steel as my primary medium because steel is a solid material with lasting strength. I do not plan my sculptures. Instead, I work as if I'm piecing a puzzle together. I start by cutting and bending the pieces of steel that are scattered on my work table. I then weld one piece of steel to another and gradually build up the sculpture. As the sculpture develops, a form evolves and this form may be figurative, animal, musical, or completely abstract. Before I focus on what the form is, however, I focus on the movement of the form. Part of the movement of the sculpture is the relationship between the shapes and lines that will lead the viewer's eye around the sculpture. My desire is to create sculptures that not only convey an idea or emotion, but also draw the viewer around the sculpture to enjoy the various connections and movement of the form.

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