Jim Bové

Life Dates:
b. 1969
Artist Biography:
“My work uses geometric form to relate abstract and concrete experiences. Often my work transforms itself for the wearer. Early pieces deal mainly with this transformation and adapt to the wearer's body. This may be found in rings that change size to necklaces that vary in length. From the mechanical adaptability grew the line of work that I am presently exploring. This work is based on the premise of tension. Not only tension created in the structure of the work but the concept of tension and stress in our daily life. Within my work the geometric shape of the sphere represents an obtainable goal. This is the release of stress or tension in our lives. The sphere is a form that suggests perfect conservation of energy, much like a soap bubble. The sphere tends to be trapped or held by the piece. This tension exists when the piece is being worn. Once the work is removed from the body the tension is released and the sphere is free. Along with representing an ideal geometric form, the sphere is also reminiscent of worry or rosary beads. Both have been used by cultures as a way to relax and release stress in time of need. Inspiration for this line of exploration comes from my research into the martial arts, Buddhism, and Zen. The majority of my work is fabricated from sterling silver with a minor use of other metals for color and strength. I chose sterling silver for its clean look and feel. My goal is to create work that maintains its functional origin while exploring these conceptual themes throuigh well-crafted compositions.”