Sisylia Octavia Candra

individual, ENTITY.3328
Artist Biography:
Sisylia Octavia Candra and her three sisters are all very artistically able, their two-story house exhibiting some 250 framed paintings of theirs. Sisylia took her first art instruction class when she was only 5 years old and after several months of practice won top prize in a painting competition in 1992.The girls paint in an expressionistic style. They produce art based on ideas derived from their experience, knowledge and social lives. Their interest in the arts, culture and the environment is reflected in their paintings of folktales like Yuyu Kangkang, Balinese and Javanese traditional dances, plus common games like panco, kelerang and dakon. Besides painting on paper, they also use other media such as canvas, bamboo hats, trays, T-shirts, ice skates, even water containers and plastic garbage cans. "We paint because we like it, so there are no feelings of boredom or pressure. If I don't have an idea, I won't paint,"" Sisylia said.

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