Patrick Millard

individual, ENTITY.2275
Life Dates:
1981 – 2011
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2004
Artist Biography:
Patrick Millard is from a small town in Lamont, Michigan. He he's continually gained recognition in national and international exhibitions. Millard began to show his work inside the virtual simulation and Second Life in 2008. These exhibitions expanded his ideas of simulation, virtual reality, and the synth future where physical objects give way to their virtual counterparts and their presence is valued entirely for their idea rather than place in space. In 2009, his transition toward a more prominent virtual artistic presence led him to embark upon a photographic series that used the environment and society Second Life as its theme snd subject matter. Virtual Lens is an artistic and anthropological investigation into the life of avatar, landscape of the sim environment, and experience the virtual world. Millard curated exhibitions in 2010 for the NASA Project's Online Gallery and Earning Gallery in Second Life the reflect upon contemporary global digital culture.