Artist Biography:
As an artist, I am intersted in how light, in an extreme sense, affects color and objects in space. By looking to artists such as Richard Diebenkorn and Henri Matisse, my work develops an understanding of the interior/exterior relationship, in which light becomes a link. The light's imprints on space are evidence that the exterior affects the interior world. Also, the piece is my exploration of pure color known to the Pauvists, in which I stylistically breaking down color into loosely defined blocks.Color is a main subject in my painting and overpowers the objects defined in space. An example of this idea is the green dress. How the dress is rendered is not of great importance to me. However, the purity of green in the dress and how light and shadow desturates color becomes the subject and the content. "The Green Dress" is my second painting in the explortion of this theme.

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The Green Dress