Annie K. Gerlofs

individual, ENTITY.2911
Life Dates:
b. 1988
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2008
Artist Biography:
"My work exists in the space between romance and reality. The paintings are intended to contrast the harsh nature of the late 1800s with the illusion of wealth and happiness within the upper class. This body of work began as a way to meld my recent explorations in painting with my past interior space illustrations. The most well known writings of Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence and The House of Mirth serve as a departure point. These late 19th century novels are highly romantic: vivid descriptions of characters, recounting of seemingly superfluous social engagements, and complicated interpersonal relationships are set against the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution. The paintings begin with a loosely sketched metropolitan scene. The buildings are intentionally left nondescript: their purpose is to provide the bleak but powerful socio-economic structure that existed in late 19th century America. Flat, dark tones and crisp white surfaces overpower and are simultaneously overrun by the vibrant tones in the opposing layers. In the place of figure you will find the role of confetti-like movement and bleeding color, representative of the characters within Wharton's writing. Rich colors overlap and fall behind the architecture, urging the viewer to understand the complex relationship between ideals and reality." -Annie K. Gerlofs