George Braque

Life Dates:
1882 – 1963
Artist Biography:
As a major 20th century French painter and sculptor, George Braque was was a major partner in the development of the cubist movement. His earliest works were impressionistic, but after seeing the work exhibited by the Fauves in 1905, Braque adopted a Fauvist style. The Fauves, a group that included Henri Matisse and André Derain among others, used brilliant colors and loose structures of forms to capture the most intense emotional response. Braque was severely wounded in the war and when he resumed his artistic career in 1917 he moved away from the harsher abstraction of cubism. Working alone, he developed a more personal style, characterized by brilliant color and textured surfaces and, following his move to the Normandy seacoast, the reappearance of the human figure. He painted many still life subjects during this time, maintaining his emphasis on structure.