Ladislav R. Hanka

Life Dates:
b. 1952
Artist Biography:
"I make art because I have to, without any compromises. My work is a fight for better than yesterday and more new for tomorrow. The ideas are everywhere. Pass them through my mind's imagination and the Art is already produced. Simple, understandable Art for people with enough intellectual capacity. It's to provoke emotion, to cast light into obscure regions using color, form, symbol and image. As soon as I stop, it is only to start again. I can never add THE END..." -Ladislav R. Hanka. Ladislav R. Hanka whose work reflects his studies in zoology and biology received a BA in Biology from Kalamazoo College, a MS in Zoology form Colorado State University and a MFA in printmaking from Western Michigan University. His work can be found in exhibitions and collections worldwide. Hanka resides in Kalamazoo, MI.