Saul Gray-Hildenbrand

individual, ENTITY.2861
Life Dates:
b. 1977
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2000
Artist Biography:
GVSU BFA Graduate December 2000 Experimentation: the action of experimenting is tantamount to the quality of my life. I think about doing everything once. Action is based on its relationship with reason. Dreams of grandeur with thorough mind travel do not need materialization especially when physical impossibility is a factor. However, some things should be made, because there is learning in construction: physicality can not be forgotten. Discovery in virtual or intellectual modes comes often in forms of arbitrary theories, or scientific aggression, motoring on the idea of progress. Failure comes faster in the physical world: blood on your sleeve can be a clear proclamation of a bad idea, or one that needs some tweaking. I experiment with myself, as well as my conception of the world around me. I have chosen boxes as mediators. They have insides and outsides. The self versus the environment, trying to find a viable place in the ecosystem, demanding justification. The box maintains all the properties of the box combined with the selective and labored process of storage, much like the body. Outside the box is the stimuli that affects the liquid contents. Experience in my work is in the hands of the viewer. The choices to enter or watch those who enter, the choices to leave things as enigmas are posed. Things can only matter as far as they can be perceived. Dialogs on foreign comes from knowledge of the digested.

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