Jason Rood

individual, ENTITY.2860
Life Dates:
b. 1985
GVSU Alumni Status:
GVSU Alum, 2008
Artist Biography:
"Satire is a stunning, simple solution to spoil the status quo. Meanwhile, both metaphors manifest a meaning meant to mediate our mental manipulations. These two elements, both satire and metaphor, play a major role in both the way I make art and how I critique our current media system. Through the ridiculous, contrived, and humorous situations I place in my work, I intend to both shed light on, and make light of, a news system that would rather go for the quick sell than the informed customer. One that would rather provide entertainment, sacrificing much of the informative aspects of its original purpose. After all, they are just give society what it wants, because most times it doesn't want to be concerned with the many situations and problems that dominate the global landscape. This work is not meant to corner the viewer into guilt about the roll they and the media play in what their attention is focused on, but to consider and understand how entertainment and harder news information can coexist. Lovably laughing at our lack of lucidness. " –Jason Rood Artist Statement on "Mascot Masquerade": "The Union of Collegiate Mascots (UCM) held its annual team building conference this past weekend. 'The event helps College Mascots better understand concepts like teamwork and sportsmanship. Plus, we have a lot of fun, too.'" -Allison Davies, mascot for the Wichita Community College Kangaroos

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